Sharon Burgess is your quintessential southern belle whose Baptist roots and Pastoral parents helped to shape her spiritual path in providing her a spiritual foundation based on the Christian belief in God.  Her spiritual journey began as a child, attending Sunday service  and mid-week bible study. As a young adult she taught children Sunday school and served on several committees in the church. Church was a constant force for Sharon mandated by her father. Sharon was married to a pastor and helped lead a congregation for several years. This was a humbling experience for her and also afforded her more of an opportunity to see how truly venerable parishioners can be.  This dedication has sparked Sharon to be a voice by using her beliefs and theological training to embark on a quest to defend and expose the internal struggles in the church.  Her innate ability to write and using her resume of church relations, makes her a prime candidate for this touchy yet necessary book, “Unraveled Faith”. So often people experience hurt and pain from church leaders and decide not to return to the places of worship. This inaugural novel will not only provoke thought to take a closer look at ones spiritual journey but also help heal hearts of pain and disillusionment. This book is a reminder that we need to put our faith and trust in God because we as humans are fallible. After completing college, Sharon has spent most of her life working in healthcare with the disabled and the geriatric population. It is her life’s goal to help others and open a homeless shelter to provide not only food and a shelter but also job coaching, psychiatric services and basic independent living skills to help promote community integration and meaning life living.